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Check for possible technical issues with your website by using PageSpeed Insights, a free online tool by Google. The main purpose of the tool is to assess your web page's speed. It detects issues that might cause your site to be running slow and provides solutions to common issues. Also, it crawls your web page to determine the quality of the user experience. If a high percentage of users bounce (leave your site too early or do not click through), your overall SEO may decline. The tool checks and scores for Performance, Best Practices, Accessibility and SEO issues.

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PageSpeed Scoring for your visitors

Interpreting the Scoring for Websites

38 Performance
62 Accessibility
83 Best Practices
55 SEO
Best Practices
Quality Score:
90 - 100
50 - 89
0 - 49
*Source: PageSpeed Insights

Above is an example of scoring for Google PageSpeed Insights. The scores are assigned in the following four categories:
1. Performance
2. Accessibility
3. Best Practices
4. SEO

If there are any issues or scores less than 100, the tool will inform you of solutions to correct.
For each category, Google recommends achieving a Mobile score of 90 - 100 to ensure a user-friendly / mobile-friendly experience for your visitors.

To clarify, high or low scores do not necessarily reflect search engine rankings. Instead, the scores correlate to crawlability and bounce rates, which could affect rankings.
Common Issues and Solutions

How to Troubleshoot SEO or PageSpeed Issues

  • Reduce unused JavaScript
  • Preload Largest Contentful Paint image
  • Eliminate render-blocking resources
  • Reduce initial server response time

  • Buttons do not have an accessible name
  • Image elements do not have [alt] attributes
  • Links do not have a discernible name
  • Links rely on color to be distinguishable

Best Practices:
  • Browser errors were logged to the console
  • Issues were logged in the Issues panel in Chrome Devtools
  • Missing source maps for large first-party JavaScript
  • Displays images with incorrect aspect ratio

  • robots.txt is not valid
  • Image elements do not have [alt] attributes
  • Links are not crawlable
  • Links do not have descriptive text
PageSpeed Insights

LightHouse Scoring Calculator Weight:

Core Web Vitals Assessment (Audit and Weight):
Total Blocking Time: 35%
Largest Contentful Paint: 25%
Cumulative Layout Shift: 25%
First Contentful Paint: 10%
Speed Index: 10%
*Lighthouse Scoring Calculator (version 10)

This data is usually only available for websites with high traffic.
It indicates what real users are experiencing, as opposed to indexing bots.
The score will show either Pass or Fail.
If the score shows "Fail", it is likely due to slow server response times or excessive and unnecesary source-code and files.

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