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Steps to Improve SEO
in Beijing:

Step 1.

Audit the Website for Beijing SEO

Check for possible technical issues with your website serving Beijing by using PageSpeed Insights, a free online tool by Google.
Audit Website ›

Step 2.

Optimize PageSpeed serving Beijing

After diagnosing any Performance issues for Beijing SEO, you will be informed of Opportunities to correct.
Optimize PageSpeed ›

Step 3.

Research Keywords from Beijing

To increase the scope of your potential visitors from Beijing, your website should increase the scope of its keywords targeting Beijing.
Research Keywords ›

Step 4.

Create Content: On-Page SEO for Beijing

When creating content for Beijing SEO, it is helpful to anticipate what your audience from Beijing will ask in the search engine for your product and or service serving Beijing.
Create Content ›

Step 5.

Use Tools to Monitor Progress from Beijing

There are a variety of Google tools that allow you to analyze your Beijing web traffic data in detail.
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Step 6.

Acquire Off-Page Beijing SEO Support

If On-Page SEO is insufficient to meet your goals for Beijing, consider acquiring Off-Page SEO services for Beijing.
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What Traffic Source Matters from Beijing?

Average Overall Traffic Sources from Beijing:

Overall Traffic Sources from Beijing:
Organic Search: ~ 70%
Direct: ~ 18%
Other: ~ 8%
Social Media: ~ 4%
*Typical Website Data from Beijing

For most established businesses in Beijing, the majority of web traffic comes from search results and direct visits from Beijing. Social media is not a significant source from Beijing. To verify, research your competitors in Beijing; if they lack a substantial social media presence throughout Beijing and yet are ranking higher than you, social media is unlikely a factor in your rankings for Beijing.
What's the CPC Trajectory in Beijing?

Cost-Per-Click rates are skyrocketing throughout Beijing:

Cost Per Click:
Paid Ads: (Increasing Costs)
Organic Search Results: (No Cost)
*Typical Adword Data around Beijing

The area of "Beijing" requires a relatively high competitive bid for online ads. Since the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) for Paid Ads keep increasing in Beijing, it remains more cost-effective to prioritize Organic SEO over Paid Ads for Beijing.

To verify, use Google's Keyword Planner to research Beijing as a keyword along with your product(s) or service(s). Thus, Beijing is a good example of when focusing on organic SEO is more affordable than paid online ads.
Why do Mobile visitors from Beijing matter?

Website Visitors Worldwide
Desktop vs. Mobile vs. Tablet

39% Desktop
59% Mobile
2% Tablet
User Device:
*Source: StatCounter GlobalStats

The majority of visitors from Beijing use a mobile device to access websites. Therefore, consider optimizing your website for mobile devices to accommodate your Beijing visitors. Make it mobile-friendly.

Mobile-friendly websites consist of web pages that are responsive to the Beijing visitors' phone screen size. Also, the source-code is normally reduced to only use what is necessary on smaller screens. By reducing the website's source-code and file sizes, it improves the load times in Beijing. Thus, Mobile-friendly websites typically improve the Page Speed for your Beijing visitors.
Why Page Speed Matters for Beijing SEO?

When do Beijing visitors quickly leave (Bounce)?

Page Load Time:
Probability of Bounce:
1s to 3s

1s to 5s

1s to 6s

1s to 10s

*Source: thinkwithGoogle

A faster Page Speed correlates to a lower bounce rate from Beijing. A lower bounce rate is better for your Beijing SEO over time.

To make your website Mobile-friendly, use Google's SEO tools starting with PageSpeed Insights.
Why Google tools Matter for Beijing SEO?

Search Engine Market Share Worldwide:

Search Engine:
Google: ~ 92.6%
Bing: ~ 2.79%
Yandex: ~ 1.65%
Yahoo: ~ 1.1%
DuckDuckGo: ~ 0.52%
Baidu: ~ 0.44%
*Source: StatCounter GlobalStats

Since Google is the predominantly used search engine in Beijing, consider using Google's SEO tools such as PageSpeed Insights.
What is the Trajectory for Beijing SEO?

Is your website Mobile-Friendly for 2024 and beyond?

Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet
Web Traffic Market Share Worldwide:

  • 2011
  • 2014
  • 2017
  • 2020
  • 2023
  • 100%
  • 75%
  • 50%
  • 25%
  • 0%
User Device:
*Source: StatCounter GlobalStats

For each passing year, more users from Beijing are using mobile devices for web browsing. Is your website already Mobile-Friendly for your online visitors from Beijing? To check, use Google's PageSpeed Insights and see if your scores are 90 or above.
PageSpeed Scoring for your visitors from Beijing

Interpreting the Scoring for Websites serving Beijing

47 Performance
92 Accessibility
90 Best Practices
82 SEO
Best Practices
Quality Score:
90 - 100
50 - 89
0 - 49
*Source: PageSpeed Insights

Above is a typical example of scoring for Google PageSpeed Insights. The scores are assigned in the following four categories:
1. Performance
2. Accessibility
3. Best Practices
4. SEO

For any scores less than 100, the tool will inform you of ways to improve your score.
For each category, Google recommends achieving a Mobile score of 90 - 100 to ensure a user-friendly / mobile-friendly experience for your Beijing visitors.

To clarify, high or low scores do not necessarily reflect search engine rankings in Beijing. Instead, the scores correlate to index ability and bounce rates, which could affect rankings.
Website Add-ons for Beijing SEO

Self-Help tools to Promote Trust and Traffic

To improve bounce rates, certain seals or badges promote trust and can help your Beijing visitors stay on your site:
If applicable, you should check if your company is eligible for these free seals or badges. If so, they are easy to add on your website(s).

Where's the Audience beyond Beijing?

Identify your Geographic Keywords surrounding Beijing

The keyword "Beijing" is one of the top geographically targeted SEO keywords. Due to this competition, Beijing SEO can be challenging to achieve, depending on the targeted industry in Beijing. Therefore, consider expanding your reach beyond Beijing as well.

For local SEO outside of Beijing, identify and extract keywords from the region(s) that your business serves beyond Beijing. If your business serves multiple regions surrounding Beijing, review the cities there that are most served neighboring Beijing. Nevertheless, you should still limit and prioritize geographic keywords around Beijing to reduce the Bounce Rate.

SEO Vendors from Beijing

How to choose the right SEO vendors from Beijing?

The following should be factors in evaluating potential SEO vendors from Beijing:
  • Ability to rank high on Google for own keywords (ex. Beijing SEO)
  • PageSpeed Insights: 90+ Scores for own website
  • Experience:
    • SEO
    • Web Development & Programming
    • Established and Incorporated
    • At least a few years in business
  • Minimal Outsourcing
  • Affordable Cost

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