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SEO Marketing


What is on-page SEO?
On-Page SEO is SEO that focuses on factors present on the website at issue. For example, meta tags, title tags, alt tags, and content are considered on-page SEO related. These factors are commonly known and have been standard long-standing best practices.

What is off-page SEO?
Off-Page SEO is SEO that focuses on factors that are not present on the website. Typically, these factors or techniques vary among SEO vendors and are not necessarily shared.

How much does SEO cost?
SEO costs vary depending on the competitiveness of the keyword(s) at issue. In the SEO industry, vendors that have been incorporated for over 5 years usually start at over $3000 per month on a project. Vendors or freelancers with less experience range from about $500 and higher per project.

Why is my organic SEO dropping?
The most common reason for SEO dropping is duplicate content found on another webpage or entirely different website.

Should I invest more in SEO or online advertising?
It depends, but typically organic SEO is a better long term investment, based on the factors mentioned here.

Should I use a CMS (Content Management System) for my website?
CMS platforms are useful for website owners and admin staff to possess more control over timely edits of content. However, CMS platforms vary on SEO effectiveness. Most CMS platforms allow the webmaster(s) to perform adequate on-page SEO. Nevertheless, the pagespeed is a factor in bounce rates. If the CMS platform contains overhead with excessive unused script, it will cause delayed webpage loading; this will indirectly decrease the website's SEO rankings. Thus, overall it is more advantageous to refrain from using CMS platforms for purposes of organic SEO.